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The Insider’s Guide to Chicago’s Chinatown Hot Pot Restaurants The Insider’s Guide to Chicago’s Chinatown Hot Pot Restaurants(0)

Chinatown, Chicago, 60616

By: fshirley

In Chicago’s Chinatown, diners can enjoy a traditional famous dish from China called the hot pot. Two restaurants serving hot pot dishes are The Little Lamb, which serves traditional Mongolian hot pot, and The Flaming Pot, a restaurant that specializes in hot pot from the Chongqing region.

At these restaurants, diners boil their food in a bowl of broth.

The Little Lamb Hot Pot restaurant opened in 2015 at 2201 S Wentworth Ave next to the Chinatown arch. Breaking Voices spoke to the manager of the Little Lamb Hot Pot about their specialty.
小尾羊是今年新开业的火锅店,餐厅位于2201 S Wentworth Ave,位于中国城大门旁。Breaking Voices 采访到了小尾羊的老板,老板给大家推荐了他们家的特色菜品。

“For the Mongolian broth it is more about the smell and the flavor of the broth. It is not too spicy and is more friendly to foreign customers. For vegetarians we have the mushroom broth and the tomato broth. We have a special Thai broth for Thai customers.”

Hot Pot Broth

Each hot pot contains a combination of meats, seafoods, vegetables, dumplings and tofu. Foods diners often choose include lamb slices, chicken breasts slices, shrimp, chinese broccoli, oysters, and bok choy. Each ingredient cooks for 1-15 minutes, depending on the type of food.
“My recommendation is definitely the meat because we are Little Lamb. The lamb has different parts. We have the lamb rear legs, lamb forelegs and the lamb shoulder. The lamb shoulder is the best part of the lamb.”

After the food finishes cooking, diners have the option to dip their foods in dipping sauces to add more flavor to the meal.

Dipping Sauce Station

In addition to the Little Lamb Mongolian hot pot, Breaking Voices interviewed the owner of The Flaming Pot, a Chongqing hot pot restaurant in Chinatown. The Flaming Pot is located at 2342 S Wentworth Ave along the main street in Chinatown and is recognizable by its logo, which depicts the face from a Chinese opera.
除了采访蒙古风味火锅小尾羊外,breakingvoices采访了巴国沸腾的老板。巴国沸腾是一家重庆风味火锅,地址是2342 S Wentworth Ave,位于中国城主路右侧。顾客可以通过他们醒目川剧脸谱标志找到这家店。

Chongqing hot pot is known for its spicy flavor, which comes from flower pepper ( huā jiāo), chili, anise. The Flaming Pot, chef said they use more than 30 ingredients in their broth. All ingredients are fried before being put into broth.
The Flaming Pot chef recommends these popular ingredients to add to the broth: sliced mutton, sliced beef, paprika spiced lamb, beef tripe, and shrimp.
Both restaurants are frequented by Chinese customers who are familiar with hot pot cuisine. As more visitors come to Chinatown, The Little Lamb Hot Pot aims to reach these customers by providing more vegetarian options and offering promotions every day.
For more information, visit the Little Lamb’s website and search for The Flaming Pot on Yelp.
感兴趣这两家火锅店可以上小尾羊官网找寻进一步搜寻美味,同时可以在yelp上搜索The Flamping Pot了解重庆火锅巴国沸腾。

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