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Taste of Randolph Street – Best Chicago Street Festival Taste of Randolph Street – Best Chicago Street Festival(0)

by: Erin Bassett



Growing up in the Milwaukee area, I got used to weekly festivals on the lakefront. Summerfest was the big one, but we also had Irish Fest, German Fest and Festa Italiana among others. Local restaurants and breweries would have carts or storefronts and several hundred bands made their way through.

When I moved to Chicago, I had no idea how similar street festivals were to my fests at home. Each neighborhood’s has a different flavor without drawing the massive crowds that Taste of Chicago and Lolla seem to.

The one not to miss? Taste of Randolph Street.


Each year, the restaurants of Restaurant Row come out in full force to serve up their dishes. It is a great way to try some of the top notch restaurants in the city without committing to a whole meal! I’m looking forward to splitting small items with people and visiting as many different vendors as possible.


If the food doesn’t get you, the music will. Two stages, one at each end of the six block festival, are booked with acts ranging from new punk rock bands to dance performances and DJs spin hits in the middle of the festival to keep the party rockin.


Visit the Taste of Randolph Friday, June 15 (5 to 11 PM) through Sunday, June 17 (noon to 11 PM) on Randolph Street between Peoria and Racine. The Halsted bus drops visitors off 3 blocks from the East end of the festival. The new Morgan Street Green/Pink line stop is one block from the East end.


The Taste of Randolph costs $10 admission and you should have cash with you for beers, food and wares.


Full musical act line-ups and restaurant lists are available online,


I’ll be attending the Taste of Randolph Street on Sunday. Follow me on twitter (@ebdaily) for updates!



Wal-Mart Express Expands Footprint With Third Store In The River North Neighborhood of Chicago. Wal-Mart Express Expands Footprint With Third Store In The River North Neighborhood of Chicago.(0)

By : BV Staff

The new WalMart Express located in River North neighborhood is a 16, 000 square feet location which features groceries, a pharmacy and “ ready-to-eat” meals kiosk placed perfectly in the path of incoming walking traffic from the Chicago Avenue side of the building. Less than 35 feet from the Brown line Chicago Avenue platform on Franklin & Chicago you will find the only entrance. More than 50 employees will work at this location year-round. Unlike the traditional 186,000 square feet superstores you typically find in the suburbs, you will only find items such as produce, meat products, frozen food, personal care, home  and convenience items that you would find at bargain chains like Family Dollar or Dollar General.

For more affluent neighbors from River North,this gives a chance to be more competitive with there purchasing power , but for those that are the last remaining residence from the once famous Cabrini-Green neighborhood located within 3 city blocks, this can equal a sign of hope for those that live on fixed incomes like the elderly. Like so many Chicagoans, this is as much a opportunity (less expenses prices) as well as curse (impacting local mom & pops) for those that live in the River North area to get better priced goods even if only a few cents cheaper than a comparable purchase at a seven-eleven mini-mart when the citywide sales tax rate currently stands at 9.75 percent.

After visiting the River North Walmart Express over the last 5 days since  its grand opening to the public, I have purchased many products that are comparable to those at retail locations (Seven Eleven, CVS, Wal Greens, Family Dollar, etc) that have profited on convenience ( location, after-hours, limited selection) of a few products instead of customer selection. This third Walmart Express is apart of WalMart Corporation testing its new “Express Mini-Marts” concept stores specifically for urban markets that are between 14,000 to 21, 000 square feet.

The official address is 225 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Ilinois 60654 .

The “Avengers” 3D Screening at Chicago AMC River East & The S.H.E.I.L.D. Acura Hosted After-Party The “Avengers” 3D Screening at Chicago AMC River East & The S.H.E.I.L.D. Acura Hosted After-Party(0)

By: BV Staff

Like most, when we discovered that we had advance tickets to see the “The Avengers” three days before the general public at the AMC River East theater because of the partnership between Marvel Studios and Chicago Acura dealers, a inner child from the 80’s jumped out of us all like scientist Robert “Bruce” Banner does when he turns into ” The Incredible Hulk”.


When the world is threatened by Loki (brother of Thor), Nick Fury as the director of S.H.I.E.L.D, an international peace keeping agency, must rely on Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow to fight what may be that last stance for the human race. As most know, the movie was 143 minutes with the entire cast really delivering a amazing performance from the likes of hollywoods biggest stars such as Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner & Samuel L. Jackson.


For this review, we are going to leave the typical theatrical reviews to the professionals at the Chicago Tribune, NYTimes, IMDB, and Rotten Tomato to tell you if you should see it or not…… PS: If you think this movie sucks, you suck (Jk). For this review, we are going to talk about the amazing after party sponsored by Acura Motors at the River East Art Center. The after party included top shelf alcohol, appetizers, sketch artists, video games, photographs with the Acuras, and a very nice swag bag with a dvd copy of “Caption America”.

2ND Ward Update: Business License Reform Passes City Council with Alderman Fioretti’s Support 2ND Ward Update: Business License Reform Passes City Council with Alderman Fioretti’s Support(0)

By : BV Staff

 At last weeks meeting on May 9, With Ald. Fioretti’s support, City Council passed an ordinance streamlining Chicago’s business licensing system, reducing the number of license types by 60 percent and cutting the number of license categories from 117 to 49. The measure aims to cut red tape for small business start-ups, spurring job growth and economic development.

At the current moment, many start-ups are being established here in Chicago in the consumer web technology space with most starting with little-to-no capital to launch their “amazing” ideas that may create the next With such reforms, this will send a signal to most Founders of these newly established ventures that the city of Chicago is doing everything that it can do to help them survive as well as thrive here in Chicago. In 3 years, has hire over 3,500 employees at the companies Chicago headquarters located at 600 W. Chicago Avenue.

Just last year, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn on stage at the First Chicago Techweek conference signed Senate Bill 107 and House Bill 1876 establishing the second iteration of the TDA (Technology Development Account Program). With the addition of this new reform , Alderman Fioretti is signaling to all Alderman that his 2nd Ward is welcoming to founders of start-up here in Chicago as they establish job opportunities for the citizens of Chicago. .

Additionally, the ordinance will help aid enforcement efforts, by allowing inspectors to focus on businesses posing a risk to public safety, rather than on code violations that pose little risk to residents.

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