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Divvy Announces 175 New Bike Stations in Chicago During Its Data Challenge Awards Divvy Announces 175 New Bike Stations in Chicago During Its Data Challenge Awards(0)

1871, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, 60654

By: Eleanor Lyon

The Second Annual Divvy Data Challenge Awards 2015 were held 6-8 p.m. on April 14 in the 1871 tech incubator auditorium at the Merchandise Mart. The Divvy Data Challenge contest encouraged designers, developers and scientists to visualize over three million Divvy trips.

Divvy Bike Map

Divvy received about 40 entries and selected 12 finalists to compete at the April 14 event.
Designers and developers used datasets from Divvy combined trip, station and station capacity data from 2013 and 2014. Two entrants tied for Best Overall entry in Divvy Data Challenge 2015:
Matthew Shaxted with a 3D visualization of 2014 Divvy trip data using curves to show hourly trips between stations and a chord diagram to show daily flow between neighborhoods.
Shaun Jacobsen with a look at which mode is faster: Divvy or public transport?
See the full Divvy Data Challenge winners list
The winners of the Divvy Data Challenge were selected based on categories that include best overall visualization, most comprehensive, most beautiful, most creative and most insightful.
The first place entry from each category will appear in a full-page ad in the RedEye and on the Divvy website and will also receive prizes from Microsoft and Divvy, including an XBOX One, an XBOX Kinect and a Windows phone.

Divvy map Chicago
The company shared more about its Spring 2015 expansion that will include areas north of Lawrence Avenue, west of Western Avenue and south of 59th Street. There will be 175 new stations and 1,750 new bikes. With 475 stations over 87 square miles, Chicago will have the most bike share stations and the largest service area in North America.
In 2013, just 91 days after Divvy bikes came to Chicago, more than 8,900 people had signed up for Divvy’s annual membership. At that time, riders had already pedaled more than one million miles. In 2014, 905,700 rides were taken with Divvy bikes. It is safe to say the company has capitalized on bike sharing in Chicago.

Angela Davis comes to Chicago for National Forum on Police Crime & Racism Angela Davis comes to Chicago for National Forum on Police Crime & Racism(0)

By: Vince Wallace
The Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression welcomes renowned civil rights and prison reform activist Prof. Angela Davis to Chicago this weekend for a National Forum on Police Crime. The two days of events on Friday May 16th and Saturday the 17th will include: A forum on the fight against unaccountable police (Fri 9am) at University of Chicago International House (1414 E. 59th Street), the 2014 National Alliance Human Rights banquet (Sat 5pm)hosted by Trinity United Church of Christ (400 W. 95th St), and a rally following the banquet (Sat 7pm) with keynote address by Angela Davis.

The National Forum grows from years of struggle in cities like Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta”, explained Ted Pearson, one of the event’s organizers. The importance of the event to Chicagoans, he says is that “the police are a power unto themselves with no sense of responsibility”, and that while individual officers may conduct themselves honorably, “The system as a whole is broken”.

The event grows out of the “people’s hearings” held in Chicago in July 2012 and February 2013 where victims of police crimes and their families testified about their ordeals. The goal of the weekend is to compare notes with other cities – some which have had successes like New York’s campaign to end stop and frisk in minority communities – and build momentum for the creation of civilian-police accountability councils nationwide that will be empowered to forcefully address police actions and policies which violate citizens’ civil and human rights.



NATO occupies Chicago, Then OccupyChi occupies Chicago Back ( View Pics) NATO occupies Chicago, Then OccupyChi occupies Chicago Back ( View Pics)(0)

By : Breaking Voices Staff

After months of uncertainty, Chicago had its first day of NATO protests with many more to come by the end of the summit by Monday night. Since Chicago Mayor Emanuel announced it over nine months ago that Chicago would be the summit location, many have speculated what this would mean for Chicago socially, politically and financially. For many traveling to Chicago from all over the world, this is only the beginning of what is to be a generational moment.

Many within this generation have only seen clips of the dogs in Mississippi attacking protesters demanding an equal voice or the beatings by police in the 90’s that lead to the burning of Los Angeles. The protesters at Daley plaza seek to speak for those without a voice in places that NATO has occupied. This weekend is the time to exercise your right to assemble if you want to call attention to what needs to change around the world. The launch party for protest will begin on Sunday at Grant party at 11:30am.

Today’s protests were small in size, but demonstrated to the police that the foundations of a true movement are assembling. To give praise to Chicago police for their ability to observe as well as not interfere, it gives hope that the end of the NATO summit even will see the police as people in this moment.

As we took photos at the corner of Jackson & La Salle as the Occupy protesters carried signs stating ” we are the 99 %.” We realized that some bystanders didn’t realize why these people were protesting when we overheard them saying ” I’m never coming back to Chicago, is this what they do here on Fridays?” With the passion seen in the occupy activists, by this time Monday, they will know that this is where democracy stood its ground against oppression.

WBEZ 91.5 Chicago Public Radio Sponsors Global Activism Expo Hosted By Jerome McDonnell WBEZ 91.5 Chicago Public Radio Sponsors Global Activism Expo Hosted By Jerome McDonnell(0)

In a world that needs more positive actions from more people, the Global Activism Expo hosted by UIC Social Justice Initiative last year featured global activist representing over 100 countries. The Global Activism Expo is a gathering of Chicago-area global Non-governmental organizations that want to share knowledge with attendees about conditions in other countries like Tanzania, India, Nigeria, and many others that need more volunteer services to over come the issues facing individuals within those communities NGO’s serve.

The Global Activism Series hosted by Worldview’s Jerome McDonnell of WBEZ in Chicago welcomed organizations that provided services from Haiti To as far east as Kenya in hopes to helping those that have no voice. The Global Activism Expo grew out of the weekly segment called ” Global Activism”, which is apart of the WBEZ daily news program Worldview.


The purpose of this event is to feature those amazing people that make the world a better place by getting involved personally by building bridges to others through food, music, dancing, networking, film, and lectures on such subjects as Infant Mortality, solar-energy, Malaria, and many other issues that face third-world countries. This event is free and open to the public. The conference opens doors at Noon on Saturday with classes, presentations, food vendors and a remarkable music line-up. The entire event is free for all attendees.

Chicago Recycling Program Moves Forward ( Via Chicago Recycling Program Moves Forward ( Via

By ( via )

In an event comparable to Christmas morning, many Logan Square residents woke up last weekend to shiny new recycling bins at their doorsteps.

While residents were very happy to receive the blue bins, many said they were dissatisfied with the long wait.

“Just a few blocks north towards Belmont, people had theirs two years ago,” said Liz Cwick, 54.

Cwick said there have been many calls to local aldermen from her neighborhood seeking recycling bins. She said that recycling is important to her and her neighbors, and the absence of blue bins has been inconvenient.

In the meantime, she and her “whole little block” have managed by taking their recycling to Drummond Montessori, a local school.

“We are all waiting to see how they keep up with it,” she said.

Another resident, 33-year-old Emily Grimm, said she had been hoping for the bins. She usually took recyclables to a distribution center on California Street, but often had to throw them out.

Logan Square is among the first areas to get recycling services this year under Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s effort to expand the city’s program while cutting costs. Announced last July and implemented on Oct. 3, the plan aims to streamline the city’s recycling program with competitive bidding.

A method that has been successfully implemented in Pheonix, Ariz., and Charlotte, N.C., competitive bidding allows the city to contract private companies for recycling services.

The Streets and Sanitation Department has announced in an email that competitive bidding “creates a competitive environment to drive down the costs of service, while increasing the quality and efficiency of services through competition.”

Under the new plan, the city was divided into six service areas: three (including Logan Square) are served by Waste Management Inc., one by Midwest Metal Management and two remain the city’s responsibility.

According to the Streets and Sanitation Department, the city provides recycling services to 260,000 homes. Last year the city collected 53,000 tons of recycling.

As of last summer, recycling cost the city $13.8 million. The two private companies have estimated they could do the same for half that. Streets and Sanitation announced after three months the city has already saved $1 million.

According to the Chicago Recycling Coalition, the city once promised to provide recycling to 600,000 homes by 2011. The Streets and Sanitation Department, however, received no additional funding in 2010 and the number of homes was capped.

As a result of the new plan, the blue cart program will be expanded to 20,000 homes this April, according to the city’s website. Logan Square was among the first beneficiaries of the expansion, as it is surrounded by neighborhoods that already have blue carts, according to Streets and Sanitation.

The expansion area is marked by the Kennedy Expressway to the east, Pulaski Avenue to the west, Diversey Avenue to the north and Grand Avenue and Kinzie Street to the south.

Buildings with between one and four units are eligible for recycling. Residents may request additional bins at no extra charge by calling 311.

” I Occupy Zipcode ________ ” My List of Demands To My Alderman Are! ” I Occupy Zipcode ________ ” My List of Demands To My Alderman Are!(0)

By: OccupyChicago

Our PROPOSED Demands :

1.PASS HR 1489 REINSTATING GLASS-STEAGALL. – A depression era safeguard that separated the commercial lending and investment banking portions of banks. Its repeal in 1999 is considered the major cause of the global financial meltdown of 2008-2009.


3. FULLY INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE THE WALL STREET CRIMINALS who clearly broke the law and helped cause the 2008 financial crisis.

4.OVERTURN CITIZENS UNITED v. US. – A 2010 Supreme Court Decision which ruled that money is speech. Corporations, as legal persons, are now allowed to contribute unlimited amounts of money to campaigns in the exercise of free “speech.”






10. INSIST THE FEC STAND UP FOR THE PUBLIC INTEREST IN REGULATING PRIVATE USE OF PUBLIC AIRWAVES to help ensure that political candidates ARE GIVEN EQUAL TIME for free at reasonable intervals during campaign season.


12. FORGIVE STUDENT DEBT – The same institutions that gave almost $2T in bailouts and then extended $16T of loans at little to no interest for banks can surely afford to forgive the $946B of student debt currently held. Not only does this favor the 99% over the 1%, it has the practical effect of more citizens spending money on actual goods, not paying down interest.

Promised List of Demands To Local Alderman Throughout Different Chicago Neighborhoods

About OccupyChicago


The Black Star Project Special Report – Educate or Die The Black Star Project Special Report – Educate or Die(0)

By: BV Staff

The Black Star Project operates with a belief in the strength of parental and community involvement in education to eliminate the racial academic achievement gap. Better parents produce better communities, better schools and better students! The most accurate predictor of a student’s achievement in school is not income, race, language barriers, cultural background, education level of parents or …social status, but the extent to which a student’s family is able to create a home environment that encourages learning; express high and realistic academic achievement expectations for their children; and become involved in productive ways in their child’s education at school, at home and in the community.

The Black Star Project accomplishes its mission by educating, organizing and mobilizing parents, students, community partners and others on a host of issues and campaigns and by generating ongoing initiatives that will improve life quality indicators of Black people with special emphasis on eliminating the racial academic achievement gap.

The Black Star Project is a Chicago-based nonprofit that works around the country to help preschoolers to collegians succeed academically with the support of parents and communities. The group focuses on low-income Black and Latino student. 


Schools cannot educate children without the support of parents, families and communities.  Good teachers and administrators are invaluable to the educational process, but they are not miracle workers.  Schools, by themselves, do not educate children; they simply reinforce and expand what children already know when they come to school.  What happens in a school is important; but just as important is what happens in the home and the community where the child lives.  Societal structures, value systems, cultures, institutions, and positive environments are powerful influencers of education in children.  Good schools seldom (if ever) create good communities; but good communities usually create good schools!  Active and involved parents, families, communities are necessary to educate children. 


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