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IL Rep. Bobby Rush removed for wearing a hoodie during a Housespeech about Trayvon Martin. IL Rep. Bobby Rush removed for wearing a hoodie during a Housespeech about Trayvon Martin.(0)

On March 28, 2012, Rush addressed the House while wearing a hoodie in honor of Trayvon Martin, a teenager who was shot in Florida under a Stand-your-ground law. As the House forbids its members from wearing hats, Rush was called out of order and escorted from the chamber. Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Illinois, told House members, “racial profiling has to stop.”

Rush said he applauded “the young people all across the land who are making a statement about hoodies, about the real hoodlums in this nation, particularly those who tread on our laws wearing official or quasi-official clothes.”Then Congressman Rush states “Just because someone wears a hoodie,” he said as he pulled the hood over his head, “does not make them a hoodlum.”

Food Festival & Conference In Chicago Food Festival & Conference In Chicago(0)

The Good Food Festival and Conference celebrates leaders, businesses, and individuals that sustain the burgeoning, locally-driven Good Food Movement. With a Festival celebrating the joys of food, to an industry-driven conference focused on local sourcing, the Good Food Festival and Conference has something for everyone.

Good food festival event schedule

Good food fans and families can spend a full day at the Good Food Festival! Our exciting in-depth Gold Workshops  start the day, followed by an Exhibit Hall with artisan and farmer exhibitors, workshops on growing and making food, chef demos, family-friendly activities, and nationally significant speakers.

The local food industry is presented with solutions to the challenges of local food sourcing at the Trade Show and Conference. It’s a fantastic opportunity for buyers to discover food businesses and distributors. The Policy Summit brings together food advocates and policy makers to discuss local food systems and food access.

Food producers and farmers interested in growing their business should attend the Good Food Financing Conference to learn about funding opportunities and connect with banks and investors interested in financing growth. Reports Curating Occupy Chicago Reports Curating Occupy Chicago(0)


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President Obama: Bulls To The White House…….. I Believe So. President Obama: Bulls To The White House…….. I Believe So.(0)

It is great ( look at him smiling while talking about the bulls…. A True Fan even in Washington, DC) to see President Obama enjoying the amazing young players of the NBA as a fellow native ( BreakingVoices Headquarters is localed in downtown Chicago) of Chicago that now resides at  1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

After watching the videos below of  President Obama speaking about NBA updates related to the Bulls as well as the hope to one day invite the Bulls to the white house to congratulate them as NBA world champs, it became award to us at the office  just how much of a huge loyal Chicago Bulls fan our President continues to be even when he only gets a chance to watch ESPN in the morning while working out before getting to the issues of the world.

The videos posted above gave us joy here at BreakingVoices HQ, so we hope that all our Loyal BreakingVoices Chicago Edition fans / readers  enjoy the Podcast as well via The “BS Report” with Bill Simmons.

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